Application for Development Approval - Child Care Premises - Lots 1832 - 1834 Lignite Avenue Piara Waters

The City has received an application for the abovementioned proposal, which involves the following:

  1. The construction of a purpose built single storey Child Care Premises building, over three vacant lots, collectively with a site area of 1474m².
  2. The proposed Child Care Premises is intended to care for 50 children and will employ 9 staff.
  3. The proposed operating hours are 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday; and 7am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday, and closing on public holidays. The centre proposes to provide vacation care on Saturdays and Sundays for 5 – 12 year olds. Local Planning Policy PLN 3.2 – Child Care Premises and Family Day Care recommends standard hours of 7am and 7pm excluding Sundays and Public Holidays. The proposed Sunday operating hours are not consistent with the recommended hours under PLN 3.2.
  4. The application notes that the centre will open at 7am to accept early arrivals and the daily schedule begins at 9am. All outdoor activities will be held within the fenced backyard area and limited to 15 children at any one time. It further notes that on Saturdays and Sundays (vacation care) any outdoor activities and music sessions will be restricted before 9am and during operating hours, with windows and doors fully closed.
  5. Full movement vehicular access is proposed off Lignite Avenue which is a lowest order road as recommended by Local Planning Policy PLN 3.2 – Child Care Premises and Family Day Care.
  6. A footpath is proposed along Lignite Avenue, to connect with the existing footpath along Greywacke Entrance so as to provide pedestrian access to the site.
  7. A total of 15 car parking bays are proposed, as required by Town Planning Scheme No. 4.
  8. A 2.1m high solid fence is proposed along portions of the eastern boundary where it abuts proposed outdoor play areas.  A 1.8m high solid fence is proposed along the remaining portions of the eastern boundary and northern rear boundaries to reduce noise impacts for the adjoining residential properties as recommended by the accompanying Environmental Noise Impact Assessment. This is to ensure noise emissions are compliant with the Environmental Protection Noise Regulations. Proposed fencing within the street setback area is visually permeable above 1.2 metres in accordance with the City’s Fencing Local Law with the exception of a portion along Lignite Avenue required to screen the bin store area (6.5 metres long). 
  9. The Environmental Noise Impact Assessment prepared by Acoustic Engineering Solutions (dated 20 November 2020) supports the application and is available for review. The report concludes that with a combination of the proposed solid fences, the restriction of outdoor activities between 7am and 9am on Sundays and careful placement of mechanical plant and equipment the proposal can meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Noise Regulations.
  10. A Transport Impact Statement prepared by Cardno (WA) Pty Ltd (dated 23 October 2020) supports the application and is available for review. The Statement concludes that the level of traffic to be generated by the proposed development is relatively low and would not significantly impact on the surrounding road network.

Further details are available for viewing at the City’s Administration Building between the hours of 8.15am and 4.45pm Monday to Friday.

Should you have any queries regarding this proposal, please contact Felly Dhliwayo from the City's Planning Services on 9394 5140 or via email

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