Advertisement of Development Application - 2 Grouped Dwellings - Lot 7 (No.57) Connell Avenue Kelmscott

The City has received an application for the abovementioned proposal for two grouped dwellings, which involves the following variations to State Planning Policy 7.3 – Residential Design Codes:

  1. Approximately 1.3m of fill and a 1.3m high retaining wall is proposed along the Connell Avenue (front) boundary of the subject site; and,
  2. Approximately 800mm to 500mm of fill and retaining spanning 6m along the north western boundary.

Under the Site Works and Retaining Wall 'deemed to comply' requirements of the R-Codes (Clause 5.3.7 and 5.3.8), retaining walls and fill over 500mm within the street setback area or within 1m of the boundary is considered to be a variation.

If you have any queries regarding the proposal, please contact the City's Planning Services on 9394 5213.

Please download relevant documents:

Page Last Reviewed 12 January 2021