Application for Development Approval - 45 Grouped Dwellings - Lot 60 Centre Road Camillo

The City has received an application for the abovementioned proposal, which involves the following variations to the ‘Deemed -to-Comply’ standards within State Planning Policy 7.3 – Residential Design Codes Volume 1 (R-Codes):

  1. Fill and retaining of the site is proposed at levels greater than 0.5 metres (m) above natural ground level (NGL) from the western boundary. Retaining walls ranging in height from 0.600m to 1.95m (maximum 1.4m variation) are proposed along the western boundary.

  2. Excavation and retaining of the site along the southern boundary (Hemingway Drive) and east (Railway Avenue) resulting in retaining walls with heights varying from 0.514m to 0.943m (maximum 0.443m variation).

  3. The lot boundary setback requirement (the distance required from the western boundary to the proposed building) varies depending on building height. The two storey dwellings proposed along the western boundary have a 1.5m setback in lieu of 3.8m (at the highest point) 2.5m (2.3m variation).

  4. Primary street setbacks from Railway Avenue are proposed at 2m in lieu of 4m (2m variation). Averaging of the primary street setback is not proposed as an equal area of land unoccupied by buildings brought forward of the 4m has not been provided. Averaging is where the 4m front setback to Railway Avenue may be reduced by 50% to 2m, and land occupied by buildings brought forward of 4m must have an equal area of land unoccupied by buildings between 4m and 8m.  It is noted this variation is more a streetscape issue but does not have a direct relationship to the adjoining properties.

  5. Variations to the overall building heights are sought for the double storey units. The R40 code permits maximum wall height of 6m, and a maximum wall height of 6.3m is proposed from the new ground levels (0.3m variation). However, once the fill (height above NGL) is included, variations are larger, with the highest point being proposed unit 19 at 7.89m, a maximum of a 1.89m variation. This unit is proposed towards the southern end of the property and setback 1.5m from the western boundary.

  6. The proposed three driveways (from Centre Road, Railway Avenue and Hemingway Drive) have an aggregate width of 19m in lieu of 9m. 

  7. Major openings (window of habitable rooms) which have a floor level of more than 0.5m above natural ground level and overlook any part of any other residential property are required to be setback a minimum of 4.5m from a lot boundary. The top floor (bedroom 3) of units 1-3, 11-14, 19-21, and 24-25 is setback 1.5m from the western boundary in lieu of 4.5m. A permanent screen has not been provided for the top floor bedrooms to restrict overlooking into the neighbouring property to the west.

  8. A 1.8m high solid acoustic fence is proposed along a portion (approximately 60m of the 325m boundary length) of Railway Avenue (Primary Street) in lieu of a 1.2m high solid fence. This fence is required to shield the development from noise from the railway line as per the recommendations of the Lloyd George Acoustics report. It is noted that a 1.2m high fence is proposed for the remainder of the Railway Avenue frontage.

Further details are available for viewing at the City’s Administration Building between the hours of 8.15am and 4.45pm Monday to Friday.

Should you have any queries regarding this proposal, please contact Felly Dhliwayo from the City's Planning Services on (08) 9394 5140 or

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Page Last Reviewed 8 April 2021