Application to Metro Outer Joint Development Assessment Panel for Development Approval Education Establishment and Place of Worship Lot 15, No. 651 Nicholson Road Forrestdale

The City has received an application for the abovementioned proposal, which involves the following:

  1. The development of an Educational Establishment and Place of Worship at 651 Nicholson Road Forrestdale. The Educational Establishment is a private school intended to ultimately accommodate 1000 pre-primary, primary and high school age students. The Place of Worship is intended to be a mosque ultimately accommodating 500 persons.

  2. The application has requested that the City consider variations on five buildings to the ‘as of right’ building heights of 6m wall height/9m roof height as permitted under the City of Armadale Town Planning Scheme No. 4.

  3. Upgrades to the intersection of Oxley Road and Nicholson Road are proposed as part of the application.

  4. Educational Establishment and Place of Worship are both discretionary (A) land uses in the Rural Living zone under Town Planning Scheme No. 4. Discretionary (A) land uses are required to be advertised to the public for comment as part of the assessment process, in accordance with the Planning & Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015

Under Town Planning Scheme No. 4, a Place of Worship is statutorily defined as premises used for religious activities such as a church, chapel, mosque, synagogue or temple.

An Educational Establishment is defined as premises used for the purposes of education and includes a school, tertiary institution, business college, academy or other educational centre.

Please note the City will only consider comments that relate to relevant statutory town planning matters. Please refer to the City's guide Writing a Submission on Planning and Development Proposals if you require further guidance.

The application will be assessed by the City of Armadale against the provisions of the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 4 and any relevant local and state planning policies. Upon conclusion of the assessment the City will make a recommendation to the state convened Metro Outer Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) which will make a determination on the application. Comments received by the City will be provided to the JDAP and will be published as part of a report on the application.

The application has also been referred to relevant state government agencies for comment. 

Page Last Reviewed 6 September 2021