Development Contribution Plan No. 3 - Infrastructure Cost Schedule 2021 and Assessed Values

In accordance with the City of Armadale’s Town Planning Scheme (TPS) No.4, landowners within Development Contribution Area (DCA) No.3 are liable to make a proportional contribution towards the cost of common infrastructure. Development Contribution Plan (DCP) No.3 applies to the DCA 3 area, and is referred to in Schedule 9B of TPS No.4.

DCP No.3 is a mechanism to effectively share the cost of providing common infrastructure within the Piara Waters and Harrisdale area. This coordinated approach to the provision of common infrastructure has enabled the City to deliver essential infrastructure and facilities, to benefit developers and the broader community.

The DCP No.3 Infrastructure Cost Schedule (ICS) is a table appurtenant to the Scheme and DCP No.3. The ICS itemises, calculates and apportions common infrastructure costs and identifies the per lot contribution rate. In accordance with Schedule 9B of TPS 4, the City is required to undertake regular reviews of the ICS, including the Proposed / Assessed Values of land to be acquired. As part of this process the City invites comments on the outcomes of this review as it relates to the proposed ICS 2021 and Assessed Values.

The City has undertaken a review of the ICS, including the Assessed Values in accordance with Clauses 3.12 and 3.13 of Schedule 9B. At its meeting of 19 April 2021, Council resolved to advertise the Assessed Values and ICS 2021 that includes a Contribution Cost per Lot of $9,601.

In accordance with the provisions of Schedule 9B of TPS 4, any comments received on a Common Infrastructure item or Assessed Value must be supported by evidence from a suitably qualified individual in the specific field of the submission.

Please note that the Assessed Values are included in the ICS 2021 within the associated Common Infrastructure items and on the last page of the ICS for ease of reference.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss this matter further, please contact Mr Rob Sklarski from the City's Planning Services on 9394 5361 or at

Page Last Reviewed 22 April 2021