Armadale Aquatic Centre Updates

Armadale Aquatic Centre Updates

Armadale Aquatic Centre Concept Plan

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July 2017

The City is currently investigating the use of geothermal heating for the pool, to deliver an effective and environmentally friendly heating option. In order to determine the viability of this as a heat source, a test hole is required.

The City invited tenders for the drilling of the geothermal test-hole in March and the successful tenderer, Drilling Contractors of Australia, has commenced drilling the test hole. They will be drilling a pilot hole aaround 30 meters deep to make sure it’s clear to drill the deeper hole. It will then take approximately five to six weeks to drill and set up the test hole, which will be at a depth of 1km.

The finalised design for the Aquatic Centre is also progressing. The detailed design phase, along with the documentation, is currently being complied. At the same time all the tender documentation for the construction of the new centre and the demolition of the old centre is underway. The City is aiming to advertise this tender by the end of September 2017.

April 2017

The long awaited upgrade of the Armadale Aquatic Centre is now a reality, with the concept for the $26 million project now finalised.

The redevelopment will provide the Armadale Community with a fully integrated, modern, year round facility. To cater for the community’s recreation, leisure and social needs the new facility will include an all seasons 25 metre pool, indoor leisure pool, program pool, outdoor 50 metre pool, the zero depth Splash Pad, crèche, café, gym and group fitness rooms.

The City is currently investigating the feasibility of using geothermal heating for the pool which will provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly heating solution.

Funding for the $26 million upgrade comprises $10 million from the Federal Government’s Community Development Grants program, $1 million from the WA State Government and the majority of funding from the City of Armadale.