Amendments to Local Planning Policy PLN 3.10 - Residential Design Codes Variations & R-MD Codes

It is hereby notified for public information that Council resolved at its meeting on 25 May 2020 to proceed with amendments to Local Planning Policy PLN 3.10 to incorporate medium-density single house development standards (R-MD Codes).  The R-MD Codes will apply in areas zoned Urban Development and involve variations to existing deemed-to-comply requirements of the R-Codes relating to: street and lot boundary setbacks (clauses 5.1.2 & 5.1.3); open space (clause 5.1.4); garage widths and setbacks (Clauses 5.2.1 & 5.2.2); front fences (Clause 5.2.4); parking (clause 5.3.3); visual privacy (clause 5.4.1); and solar access (clause 5.4.2), generally in accordance with Appendix 1 of Western Australian Planning Commission ’s Planning Bulletin 112/2016.

A copy of the amended policy is available on the City’s website at


Page Last Reviewed 5 August 2020