Planting and maintaining trees, shrubs and grasses along the verge can have a positive impact on your local area. There are several social, environmental and economic benefits of landscaping and maintaining your verge. If you are considering making changes to the landscape of the verge area you should be aware that there are restrictions/guidelines on what changes can be made.

Before you begin

  • You need to know what Council regulations apply to your area
  • Submit your landscaping request  approval 
  • Dial before you dig - The service helps home owners avoid potential damages to any surrounding infrastructure asset(s) when undertaking landscaping projects on the verge


  • It is important that planted areas do not obstruct access for pedestrians.
  • Trees must be an approved species, suitable for the area and planted in a specific alignment to protect underground services (2.7 – 3m from property boundary)
  • Planted areas must not obstruct line of sight along the roadway or create any hazards for people or vehicles particularly near the entry to your driveway and near corners.
  • There must be access for servicing utilities (like power, water or phone cables) and for meter reading, postal delivery and other similar services.
  • Allow space for easy access to your wheelie bins on collection day.
  • Allocate space to put out materials for annual green waste or household rubbish collections.
  • Reticulation needs to be well covered. Any sprinkler heads must sit below the lawn surface and not create a trip hazard

Page Last Reviewed 12 April 2021