Did you know? If you are a property owner you can request to have a tree planted on your verge for FREE!

Why Plant Trees

Street trees not only beautify the streetscape and help create vibrant communities, they also have functional benefits:

  • Enhanced property values
  • Reduced ambient air temperature
  • Cleans the air by absorbing polluting gases
  • Reduces cooling energy consumption costs
  • Saves water through reduced evaporation
  • Creates habitat for wildlife

About the Street Tree Request Program

The City provides a limited number of street trees to residents on an annual basis, as part of its Street Tree Planting Program. Any residential property owner within the City can request a Street Tree be planted on the verge adjoining their property. All you need to do is submit a completed Street Tree Request form to the City.

  • ONE tree per 20 metre road frontage.
  • CLOSE OFF DATE is 30 November every year to ensure we can order the trees required. (Note any applications received after this time will be considered for the following years planting season).
  • Any new requests after this date will be considered for planting as part of the following years Tree Planting Program.
  • You will  need to commit to water the tree until established approximately 3 years.

What happens next?

Our Arboriculture team will assess your application and ensure there is no reason a tree should not be planted at the location.

The most appropriate species for a location is then selected based on local conditions, climate, neighborhood character and relevant master plans and strategies. Species requests will be accommodated where possible. The City does not plant fruit trees.

The approved applicant’s details are added to our tree planting schedule for planting. Residents will be notified of the outcome.


  • All programmed street tree planting is scheduled between autumn and spring when the opportunity for successful plant establishment occurs.
  • Soil is improved at planting and a fertiliser is applied.
  • Each new tree will have two wooden stakes on either side for support and a tree guard around the perimeter of a tree bed.
  • Street trees are planted at 20 metre intervals. Wherever possible, the City aims to create a 'boulevard effect' by continuing to plant the same type of tree within each street.
  • Please note the Parks team does not plant on private property.

Please be aware that as tree plantings may be delayed by weather or other unforeseen events, we're unable to provide an exact planting date.

Council will plant, stake, fertilise and provide the initial watering.

Caring For Your Newly Planted Street Tree

Trees are only planted during the planting season, Autumn to Spring each year. This allows the tree the best chance of survival by allowing it to start establishing itself before the onset of the Summer heat.

Residents are encouraged to provide ongoing care for trees by watering, mulching, improving the soil and removing weeds from around the base of the tree.

Trees play an important role in the community and any extra care provided by you such as watering is much appreciated.

How Much Water?

Newly planted trees require more frequent watering than established trees. It takes approximately three years for trees to fully establish. Trees will be heavily watered at planting time to expel air pockets from around the root ball.

Ongoing watering is the responsibility of the resident, and should be watered at these intervals till established:

  • When watering newly planted trees apply 50lt at each watering
  • 1-2 weeks after planting, water daily
  • 3-12 weeks after planting, water every 2 to 3 days
  • After 12 weeks, water weekly until roots are established (approximately three years)

The Final Step

Enjoy caring for your new tree, watching it grow for years to come. 

Page Last Reviewed 25 March 2021