To apply to landscape your verge you will need to submit a landscaping request form describing your proposal

All residents of the City of Armadale wishing to alter their verge area will need to submit a landscape plan that requires approval. The plan must be approved prior to commencement of any works being carried out on the verge and in accordance with the below guidelines.

General Information

  1. Site boundaries.
  2. Location of road kerb, driveway, light pole, footpath, fencing, paving existing vegetation, verge tree and any other above ground installation.
  3. Clearly show the address, name and contact details of the property owner.

Key showing

  1. List the botanical names of the proposed plants, plant numbers and location.
  2. All proposed materials to be used such as mulch, paving, aggregates (split pea gravel etc.)
  3. Identification of existing or proposed street tree/s
  4. Existing vegetation (species and location), including those proposed to be removed.

Send your landscaping plan along with the Landscape Verge Application form the City of Armadale Parks Department via post or email to

The Landscape Verge Application form can be download below. The verge landscape plan doesn’t need to be fancy! Just sketch your ideas and send into the City for consideration!

Your landscape plan is usually assessed and a response returned within 10 working days from the date it is received.

Please Note: The landholder should also be aware that the City and utility providers may need to access the services for repairs and maintenance within the verge and are not required to replace any landscaping during this process.

Page Last Reviewed 5 August 2021