Understanding your Rates Notice

Understanding your Rates Notice

  • 1 How are your rates calculated?

    This is your rates amount for 2019/20, which is calculated by multiplying the rate in the dollar by the valuation (GRV set by the Valuer General at Landgate).

  • 2 Domestic Rubbish charge

    Pays for your:

    • Weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling bins collection
    • One general junk verge collection
    • Two green waste verge collections
    • Four (4) tip passes
    • Discounted additional tipping (conditions apply)
  • 3 Pool Inspection fee

    This covers the cost of regular safety compliance inspections.

  • 4 Emergency Services Levy

    This is a State Government charge, shown on all Council rate notices. ESL money levied is paid to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

  • 5 Your total rates, fees and charges outstanding for 2019/20
  • 6 Your property assessment number

    Required for when you register for e-Rates online

  • 7 This is your GRV as set by Landgate
  • 8 This is your recycling area