Verge ownership and responsibility

Technically every verge is public land but many people consider their verge to be an extension of their front yard.

The verge area in front of your property is owned by the Crown. It is vested in Council to ensure the verge area is not mistreated or damaged and any utilities located underneath the area are protected.

Residents may improve the verge area, subject to written approval from the City.

Verge/street tree planting

The City provides a limited number of street trees to residents on an annual basis, as part of its Street Tree Planting Program.

Tor request a street tree, complete and submit the form below or by contact the City on 9394 5000.

Street trees are planted at 20 metre intervals. Wherever possible, the City aims to create a 'boulevard effect' by continuing to plant the same type of tree within each street.

Residents who request a street tree are responsible for watering it and should contact the City if they have any queries.

Tree planting occurs on an annual basis during the winter period.

Verge/street tree pruning

The City maintains verge street trees and has implemented an extensive annual maintenance program to prevent trees interfering with overhead cables.

If you have a tree or shrub that requires pruning contact the City on 9394 5000.

Please note: naturally occurring (Indigenous) tree species such as Marri or Jarrah are maintained by Western Power. Western Power can be contacted on 13 13 51.

Improving your verge/streetscape

The City of Armadale is encouraging residents to work on their verges to reap the benefits of better streetscapes. How your verge is presented can make a big difference to how your home and neighbourhood appear.

Benefits of better streetscapes

  • Streets with trees and planted areas are more attractive and comfortable to walk around
  • Walkable neighbourhoods are safer
  • In areas where people walk regularly there is more social interaction between neighbours
  • Planted areas provide habitat for birds and encourage local biodiversity
  • Planted areas can assist with urban heat reduction and storm water management
  • Real estate values increase in areas with attractive streetscapes
  • Well-designed verge planting can save water.

What you can do to improve your streetscape

  • Plant trees, shrubs, groundcovers and grasses*
  • Use mulch, fine gravel or other ground covers
  • Mow or trim your verge regularly
  • Encourage your neighbours to plant their verge
  • Organise verge clean ups.

*Local plants are best as they tend to be hardy and are suited to WA conditions. If you want to plant non-local species, make sure they are drought resistant and won’t spread further than you intended. Walk around your local area and see what grows well. 

Before you get started

  • You need to know what Council regulations apply to your area
  • Do not obstruct access for pedestrians and for servicing utilities (e.g. power, water or phone cables)
  • Make sure there is a line of sight along the road and planted areas do not create hazards for people or vehicles
  • Leave space for easy access to your bins on collection day.

How the City can help (streetscape request)

The City can assist residents with verge preparation works.

If you work with at least three (3) other households in your area to put together a Neighbourhood Verge Plan, you can get assistance with:

  • Remove weed or overgrown grass
  • Breakup topsoil and do minor earthworks
  • Delivery mulch
  • Plant street trees.

To request assistance, you will need to prepare a simple Neighbourhood Verge Plan and submit it with te Streetscape Request Form. (More information about the plan is provided in the form below.)

More information and contacts

For more information contact the City on 9394 5000.

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