The City is responsible for the pruning of all trees. Only City authorised contractors or approved City staff may prune street trees.

Pruning Trees

The City is responsible for the pruning of all trees. Only City authorised contractors or approved City staff may prune street trees. Trees should be allowed to develop their natural canopy and will generally not be pruned. Where pruning is essential, it will be approved and undertaken by the City or a nominated contractor.
Street trees are pruned to provide the following:

  • To clear overhead powerlines and other utility services
  • To improve the tree’s form, structural integrity or health
  • To clear infrastructure such as street lights, street signs and City controlled CCTV
  • To maintain pedestrian and vehicle access and/ or sightlines
  • In accordance with statutory and other industry guidelines and requirements

Tree root encroachment and suspect damage to adjoining infrastructure shall be assessed on a case by case basis and actioned accordingly.

The City does not prune trees for the following reasons:

  • To reduce its size
  • To reduce shade
  • To reduce leaf/bark/flower/seed drop – this is a natural occurrence
  • To reduce birds nesting or feeding in the tree
  • To improve views
  • The proximity to infrastructure if the tree is in good health and structure

The City will only manage shrubs in the instances of drain clearing, footpath and sight-line clearances.

To request for a street tree to be pruned, please contact City's Streetscape Team on 9394 5000 or email 

Requests for Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Requests to the City’s Parks Services team for street tree maintenance works are prioritised and acted upon accordingly on the basis of the information provided.

When you make a tree service request, we will inspect the tree within a given timeframe based on the reported concern raised. If the tree is found to need work, we will implement any works based on the trees condition or risks identified. We will address all conditions in need of immediate attention first/safety.

The Streetscape team will evaluate the health and function of the tree in accordance with the City's tree management guidelines and determine if maintenance work is required.

If the condition does not require immediate attention, we will address the issue in the next pruning cycle.

We will continue to inspect and respond to tree conditions including requests submitted by residents

If you consider a tree needs our attention, please report it to the City’s Parks Streetscape Team on 9394 5000 or

Tree and Powerlines

Naturally occurring verge trees, primarily Marris and Jarrahs (which are the prominent species in the hills), that are impeding power lines are generally managed by Western Power. Should you have an issue regarding naturally occurring trees and power lines please contact Western Power on 13 13 51.

For any other verge trees that have been planted and/or cultivated that are impeding the power lines, contact the City on 9394 5000.

If the tree is entangled in electrical wires. Please make the safe call and contact Western Power 13 13 51 to report a tree touching or close to powerlines

Contact Western Power for more information on whose job it is to trim trees near powerlines

Privately Owned Trees

The City does not perform work on trees located on private property. You should consult with a certified arborist before performing any work on your property.  Matters relating to privately owned trees are the responsibility of the property owner. For further information regarding trees on private property - please contact the Citizen Advise Bureau who can offer assistance in this matter.

Page Last Reviewed 25 March 2021