Streamcare Program

Streamcare Program


The City's Streamcare Program was initiated in 2002 in reponse to its State of the Enviroment Report 2000 (The Report). The Report found that 37% of the 57 kilometres of City watercourses in provate ownership had no fringing native vegetation.

The aim of the program, now in its seventeenth year, is to address the degradation of foreshore areas within provate land holdings (of which there are approximately 55) by encouraging local landowners to take action. 

The Streamcare Program allows for the provision of technical advice to landholders regarding revegetation, weed management, monitoring and erosion management utlimately resulting in a site-specific management approach. Landowners are also encouraged to request native plant supply annually from the City.

Since Streamcare’s inception more than 180 landowners have particpated in the Streamcare Program. As a result of landowner particpation, approximately 40,000 plants have been installed along 3.4 kilometres of foreshore. 

Streamcare is an integral part of maintaining, encouraging and improving riparian biodiversity and enhancing the habitat value of the City’s privately owned foreshore areas.

In 2019/20 the City will consider ways of expanding the program to include the rehabilitation of remnant dryland vegetation.

For further information regarding the Streamcare Program please contact the City’s Streamcare Officer on 9394 5000 or email