Requesting Building Records or Plans

Requesting Building Records or Plans

The City of Armadale (the City) shall, upon request and payment of the applicable fee, provide copies of building records to an interested person via a Request for Building Records search. An interested person means an owner of the building or incidental structure to which the building record relates; or a person who has the written consent of an owner to receive a copy of a building record relating to the owner.

There are three types of record searches available:

  1. Specific Plan; $20.00 - up to 5 working days to complete - such as a floor plan or site plan.

  2. Specific Set of Building Records; $198.00 - up to 10 working days to complete - such as a Building Permit including associated documents or engineering documentation.

  3. Building Approval Enquiry; $198.00 - up to 15 working days to complete - an extensive archival search of all building records and recommended if you are selling your property.

The maximum time-frame allocated for each type of record search allows for properties that require extensive investigation; such as properties that are older, have been subdivided or had a street name change. Building Services will action each search request urgently and endeavour to complete a request before the maximum allowed time-frame due date. In exceptional circumstances, a search time-frame may be extended. Should an extension be required, a Building Services Officer will liaise with the applicant throughout the process.

Request for Building Records searches will be completed in date order of receival.

The Building Department’s records date back to the 1960s, however, please be aware of the following:

  • The City does not have a complete historic record of all structures within its district.

  • Plans may not be to scale or depict all existing structures, therefore, may not be suitable for application resubmission.

  • The quality and availability of building plans and/or records cannot be guaranteed.

If your property is in shared equity with, or was previously owned by, the Department of Housing, you will need to contact the Department of Housing for copies of any building records.

To purchase a copy of a plumbing diagram, contact the Building Commission via email

To submit a Request for Building Records, complete the below request form. Please ensure that you read and sign the Owner Declaration on the reverse side of the form before submitting your request. Completed request forms can be submitted to

The applicable Request for Building Records search fee is payable on submission and non-refundable. Payment must be received before your request can be processed. If you are paying by credit card, a Building Services Officer will contact the applicant for credit card details over the telephone. Alternatively, you can submit your application form and pay the applicable fee, in person, at the City's main administration office. The City cannot accept credit card information via email.

Request for Building Records form