Rangers respond to community complaints regarding dogs, straying stock, parking, littering and illegal dumping. Rangers maintain and enforce various State Acts of Parliament, regulations and local laws relating to animals, fire control and parking.

  • Animal Management Facility

    Is your animal in the Animal Management Facility?

  • Burning Permit Information
    Burning Permits

    Burning permits can be obtained from Ranger Services.

  • Emergency vehicles.
    Emergency Management

    Major emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can come in many forms including bushfire, severe storms, flooding and major road transport crashes.

  • Fire And Emergency Services

    In the case of an emergency call 000.

  • Littering.
    Litter and Illegal Dumping

    The City encourages residents and visitors to help keep our natural environment clean and litter free. Littering is an offence under the Litter Act 1979 and the City's Rangers issue fines to offenders.

  • Illegal Parking On Footpath
    Parking and Off-road Vehicles

    In order to provide a safe parking environment, the City's Rangers regularly patrol the municipality.

  • Ranger Services
    Pet Ownership

    The City's Ranger Services are responsible for the impounding of stray and unowned dogs, cats and livestock.