State of the Environment Report

In 2011, Council adopted its third State of the Environment Report (City of Armadale State of the Environment Report 2011).

This report identifies the state of environmental assets in the City and sets a five-year direction for environmental management programs. A more detailed reference document provides supporting information for the State of the Environment Report 2011 and is available upon request.

Local Biodiversity Strategy

In 2009, Council adopted the City of Armadale Local Biodiversity Strategy (Summary Report).

The Local Biodiversity Strategy is designed to identify significant natural areas, and where possible plan for their protection, retention and management within the City.

The broad objectives of the Strategy are to:

  • Consolidate existing protection measures in existing City Strategies, policies and plans.
  • Develop an accurate mapping base and a bushland protection plan for Local Natural Areas (LNAs).
  • Identify objectives, goals, targets and actions for the protection and enhancement of the LNAs in the City.
  • Integrate with current planning and management systems.
  • Engage stakeholders and the community during preparation and implementation of the Strategy and action plan.

The Local Biodiversity Strategy Complete Report contains more detailed information in the summary report.

Management Plans

The City has prepared a number of management plans for designated natural areas. The aim of these management plans is to provide and organised and consistent approach to environmental management within the City. The following management plans exist:

Corporate Greenhouse Action Plan

The City has a Corporate Greenhouse Action Plan for the Period 2014/15 to 2019/20. This covers emissions from the City's operations and includes actions to reduce its carbon footprint. The plan aims to ensure that the City contributes towards achieving the Australia wide target of a five per cent reduction in emissions by 2020, relative to 2000 levels. The target for the City of Armadale is a 19 per cent per capita reduction in year 2000 carbon emissions by the year 2020.

The City of Armadale, in conjunction with the City of Gosnells and Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, is a part of the South East Regional Energy Group (SEREG). This group is responsible for the Switch Your Thinking! (Syt!) program, which was launched in 2002. Syt! exists to deliver sustainability initiatives to the community, specifically to raise awareness of measures that will save energy, water and operating costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, please visit the Switch Your Thinking! website.


Strategic Plan

The City's Strategic Plan recognises the challenge of protecting and enhancing the natural environment and sets the vision for a City boasting vibrant city living alongside areas of natural beauty.