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Proposed Closure of Pedestrian Access Way - Between Hatch Court and Shepherd Court, Harrisdale

Proposed Closure of Pedestrian Access Way - Hatch Ct and Shepherd Ct

Friday, 27 September 2019 - 4.45pm

It is hereby notified for public information that the City is considering a request to close the undermentioned pedestrian access way in accordance with the approved structure plan.

Further details can be obtained by contacting Planning Services on (08) 9394 5000 or at the Council’s Administration Centre, 7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale, between 8.15am and 4.45pm weekdays.

Any submissions or comments regarding the closure of the pedestrian access way should be submitted in writing using the submission form to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Armadale, Locked Bag No. 2, Armadale, WA 6992 or via email to info@armadale.wa.gov.au  by the above closing date. (Ref: WAY/2/19).

Please download relevant documents: