Planning Information Sheets

Planning Information Sheets

Planning Information Sheets

The City has prepared the following Information Sheets to provide basic information on planning matters. You may also wish to view our Planning: Frequently Asked Questions page.

Commercial Vehicle Parking
Development Application Condition Clearance Process
Development Envelopes
Extension of Time for Development Approval
Child Care Premises & Family Day Care
Farm Animals
Government Agencies
Home Office, Occupation or Business
Liquor Licensing Certificates
Lodgement and Assessment Process for Development Applications
Motor Vehicle Repair Licence
North Forrestdale Development Contribution Plan No. 3: Requirements for Approval of Common Infrastructure Works Pre-funded by Developers
North Forrestdale Development Contribution Plan No.3 Calculation of Development Cost Contribution Developer/Landowner Liabilities
Pedestrian Access Way
Planning Compliance
Planning Infringement Notices
Public Open Space Cash In Lieu Valuations
Untidy/Unsightly Property
Restrictive Covenants
Sea Containers
Second Residence
Section 70A Notifications
Strata Title Applications
Streamlining Development Applications
Street and Road Names
Street Numbering
Subdivision Process
Subdivision Clearance

Bushfire Hazard Planning Information Sheets

Clearing of Remnant Native Vegetation and Fire Hazard Reduction
Review of State Map of Bushfire Prone Areas and Vegetation
State Map of Bushfire Prone Areas and Control of Development in Bushfire Prone Areas

Landscaping Information Sheets

Unit Development
Industrial and Commercial
Trees for Confined Spaces
Urban Forest Strategy- Suggested Tree Species
Plants to Avoid

Refer to the City's Parks Section for information on verge treatments and guidelines.

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Users of this website are advised that the City of Armadale accepts no legal responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in Town Planning Scheme No 4. Whilst the City of Armadale endeavours to regularly update and amend the information contained within the document, the accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed. The content of this website may also change, vary or be amended at any time. Confirmation of zoning and density coding may be obtained by viewing the official version of Town Planning Scheme No 4 which is available at the City's Administration Centre. Confirmation of information relating to lot sizes and boundaries may be obtained from the Department of Land Information.