Planning Forms & Fees

Planning Forms & Fees

Planning Forms and Fees

Application for Development Approval
Development Application Checklist
Request for Copy of Development Approval
Schedule of Fees and Charges

Advertising  Forms

Additional Information for Advertisements
Signage Self-Assessment Sheet – Appendix 5

Commercial Vehicle Parking Form

Commercial Vehicle Parking Details Form

Home Occupation/Business Form

Home Occupation/Business Application Form

Liquor Licensing Forms

Section 39 – Liquor Licence Application Inspection Request
Section 40 – Liquor Licence Application Form
Additional Information for Section 40 Certificate

Subdivision Forms

Subdivision Clearance Application Form
Subdivision Clearance Information Sheet

Tree Register Form

Tree Register Nomination Form

Planning Compliance

Planning Compliance Customer Feedback Form

Strata Title Applications

Application for Form 26 (Strata Title)

Percent for Public Art

Percent for Public Art Form


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