The City's Town Planning Department promotes high standards of development and appropriate environmentally sustainable uses of land within the City of Armadale through the City's Town Planning Scheme No.4, which is to be read in conjunction with the Local Planning Strategy, Local Planning Policies and the Deemed Provisions (as set out in the Schedule 2 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015).

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) has planning control over the balance of land within the City's boundaries, including the following precincts:

  • Armadale Central - West of Commerce Avenue
  • Kelmscott - portion bound by Albany Highway, Railway Avenue and Davis Road, including a southern part of Third Avenue
  • Champion Lakes
  • Champion Drive
  • Forrestdale Business Park East
  • Forrestdale Business Park West
  • Wungong Urban - including Hilbert and Haynes, south of Armadale Road, east of Tonkin Hwy and south of Eighth and Roads.

The Introduction to the Western Australian Planning System document prepared by the State Government describes the various roles, responsibilities and functions of the key players actively involved in the planning system. The document describes the procedures for subdivision and amendments to the Metropolitan Regional Scheme (MRS) and Town Planning Scheme (TPS).

  • Planning Information Sheets
    Planning Information Sheets

    Planning information sheets, application forms, application requirements and Schedule of Fees and Charges.

  • Planning Forms & Fees

    Planning Application Forms, Application Requirements and Schedule of Fees and Charges

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    Planning FAQs

    Find Frequently Asked Questions on Planning matters.

  • Planning Applications
    Planning Applications

    Planning Application documentation and requirements including Advertisements (Signage), Commercial Vehicle Parking, Home Occupation, Office or Business and Liquor Licensing.

  • Town Planning Scheme No. 4
    Town Planning Scheme No. 4

    Town Planning Scheme No.4 consists of the scheme text and a set of Zoning and Special Control Area Maps. The TPS is to be read in conjunction with the Local Planning Strategy.

  • Local Planning Policies

    Town Planning Scheme No.4 (TPS No.4) is supported by a suite of Local Planning Policies, which guide decision-making and the implementation of the Scheme.

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    Local Development Plans

    Local Development Plans (LDP) formerly Detailed Area Plans (DAPS)

  • Structure Plans
    Structure Plans

    A Structure Plan is to be prepared and adopted prior to subdivision or development of land within Development (Structure Planning) Areas.

  • Fire Management Plans
    Fire Management Plans

    Fire Management Plans set out management strategies for fire hazards and risks within a bushfire-prone area.

  • Subdivisions

    Subdivision information, including clearance application, clearance guidelines and Erosion and Sediment Control Manual for the Darling Range.

  • Municipal Heritage Inventory
    Municipal Heritage Inventory

    A Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) is a survey of heritage places in the City of Armadale.

  • North Forrestdale Development Contribution Plan No.3
    North Forrestdale Development Contribution Plan No. 3

    The City’s North Forrestdale Development Contribution Plan No.3 (DCP No. 3) is a comprehensive model for the equitable management and provision of a wide range of common infrastructure for the urban development of Harrisdale and Piara Waters.

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    Armadale City Centre Structure Plan and Car Parking Strategy

    The City Centre is classified as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre under the State Government’s Planning Policy 4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel.