Parks and Reserves Upcoming Works

Parks and Reserves Upcoming Works

  • Cross Park Southern Cricket Net Upgrade

    In the City of Armadale 2018/19 Asset Renewal Budget the southern practice cricket nets at Cross Park have been ident

  • Erade Park


    As part of the City’s commitment to improving its parks and reserves, the City will be undertaking drainage and landscaping works to Erade Park in 2019.

  • John Dunn Baseball Batting Cages

    In the 2018/19 budget the City of Armadale committed to constructing purpose built baseball hitting practice bays at

  • Migrant Park Upgrades

     Migrant Park Upgrade Stage Two



  • Migrant Park Upgrades

    Migrant Park playground is now open!

  • Tredale Field Park Upgrade

    Tredale Field Park was last upgraded in late 2014 with  the removal and disposal of the old playground and replacemen

  • Villatella Park Shade Sails

    As part of the City of Armadale 2018/19 Capital budget Villatella Park Harrisdale has been identified for playground