Online Mapping

Online Mapping

The City of Armadale Online Mapping application (IntraMaps) enables you to search for any property within the City of Armadale using simple address searches, or by navigating to an area of interest using zoom and pan tools.

When a property is selected, relevant information is displayed such as Councillor and ward names, waste and recycling collection days, planning and development zones, etc.

How to use Online Mapping

The main tools and functions of the Online Mapping application (IntraMaps) are described below. Alternatively an 'Online Mapping Quick Reference Guide' can be downloaded here.

Moving around the map

  • Zoom in - click and drag on the map to zoom in on an area, or click once on the map to zoom in on a point (alternatively, roll your mouse wheel forwards)
  • Zoom out - click on the map to zoom out (alternatively, roll your mouse wheel backwards)
  • Pan - click and drag to pan the map (alternatively, hold down your mouse wheel and drag)
  • Move forward to the next view
  • Go back to the initial view

Making a selection

  • Point selection - click on the map to select a parcel
  • Rectangle selection - click and drag on the map to draw a rectangle, then release the mouse button to complete your selection
  • Polygon selection - click on the map to draw a polygon, then double click to complete your selection
  • Clear your selection
  • Zoom to your current selection
  • Zoom to your entire selection


  • Measure a distance - click on the map to start measuring, double click to finish
  • Measure an area - click on the map to start measuring an area, double click to finish


  • Print - print a pdf of the map
  • Legend - display the map legend


Aerial slider - click and drag the slider to overlay the latest aerial photography onto the map:



Using the search tabs you can search by house, lot or assessment number:

Search bar

Start Online Mapping

To start Online Mapping, please click the 'Start Online Mapping' button below:

Start Online Mapping