These treatments are not allowed on verges within the City:

The following are unacceptable verge treatments

  • Plants - Thorny plants eg. Roses, Bouganvillea or Cactus, poisonous plants or a declared weed(s)
  • Plants over 750mm high
  • Built structures such as raised garden beds, fencing, retaining walls or fixed structures
  • Ponds, fountains or water features
  • Loose hard granular materials such as gravel, crushed bricks, stones, aggregate and blue metal unless they are compacted, bound and bonded, and also able to be kept stable at all times
  • Materials that protrude from the surface such as star pickets, sprinklers, large rocks
  • Materials or vegetation/plants that encroaches on the footpath, pathway or the road.
  • Synthetic lawns are not permitted in the City of Armadale as the process of laying it creates an impervious layer. You may see houses that have installed this material without consultation with the council.

Non-Compliant Verge Treatments

The City may request that a street verge landscape treatment be restored to meet the guidelines or that the verge treatment be removed if it was installed without the City's approval and non-permissible treatments were used or it did not comply with the City's guidelines.

  • The property owner or occupier adjacent to the non-compliant street verge landscape shall bear the sole cost of any remedial work.
  • A period of 20 working days shall be granted for the street verge treatment to be adjusted or removed from the date of a written notice issued by the City to do so.  However, if a verge landscape treatment is deemed a safety hazard by the City, it must be altered or removed within 7 days of receiving written advice to do so.
  • If written advice is given, and the adjustment or removal has not taken place in the stated timeframe, the City may, at its discretion, remove the treatment and dispose of the materials so removed. Costs of such removal and disposal of material may be charged to the owner of the adjacent property.

Page Last Reviewed 13 April 2021