Morgan Park Lighting Additional Sports Lighting

Morgan Park Lighting Additional Sports Lighting

Additional sports field lighting will be installed at Morgan Park in the northern section of the playing fields.

The project includes the installation of a new thirty metre high lighting tower with lamps similar to those already installed at the site.

New additional lamps will also be installed on two existing light poles to further increase lighting over the currently unlit area to the north that can be utilised for additional training space.

Works will commence with the new light pole footing installation in early April.

  • All works will be undertaken during weekdays and made safe at end of each day.
  • All turf reinstatement over trench lines will take place on a daily basis and all excavations filled in or temporarily fenced off.
  • There should be minimal to no impact on users given proximity and type of works.
  • Works are expected to be completed with night time aiming of lights in late April.

We trust the works will be well received by the resident sporting clubs who have assisted in funding the works.