Morgan Park

Morgan Park

Master Plan snapshot

Morgan Park is a significant portion of the total Public Open Space in Seville Grove, at 6.67 hectares.  It holds a high volume of football and athletics.  The two activities provide a good balance of winter and summer use with little opportunity for any increase in structured sport activities.  The current pavilion is in need of some upgrades and its current location and secluded car park attracts anti-social behavior.

With the two major users operating effectively within the current layout, the Master Plan proposes minor upgrades in the short-medium (5-10 year) timeframe, yet a long term concept is proposed to relocate the pavilion which would be commensurate with the end of the current building’s asset life cycle.

The elements in this site are:

  • Rectangular fields (used for football and athletics)
  • Long jump pit, discus and shot put circles
  • Pavilion
  • Playground
  • Car park