Minnawarra Lake Dredge Project and Landscaping

Residents may have noticed the City’s lake dredging project is nearing final completion with over 1000 cubic meters of sediment removed and temporarily stored in the large black sludge tubes located along Armadale Road.

The dredging has been undertaken to alleviate deep accumulated sedimentation and organic sludge that has built up over recent decades.The sludge tubes will be removed from the park once sufficient water has drained out making the sludge suitable for transport.

Dredging works are expected to be completed by the end of April 2018.

Landscape upgrade works have also commenced alongside the dredging process with the transportation of 200 tons of local rock boulders into the reserve. The rocks will be installed into parts of the lake edge as part of re-grading of the lake to improve accessibility and erosion control. Other landscape works to follow include a construction of a new boardwalk with an illuminated Arbor, additional accessible pathways with LED lighting, new park furniture and landscape plantings.

Landscape works are set to be completed by September. The timing of works has been scheduled to coincide with the quieter winter season.

The lake edge will be temporarily fenced off during works. Park users are encouraged to use the reserve where there are no works being undertaken, however we do ask that you avoid the work staff and stay clear of construction works at all times.

For project enquires contact Technical Services on 9394 5000 or info@armadale.wa.gov.au