Migrant Park Upgrades

Migrant Park Upgrades

With the opening of Migrant Park Stage 1 Playground on November 29 2018, Stage 2 works at Migrant Park will commence in March 2109 amd will provide an interpretive walkway throughout the park that takes visitors on a historical journey through some of the visible historical features of the site. Stage 1 works included construction of new elevated playground with a customised  shelter that reflects the historical relevance of Migrant Park “Nissen Huts”.  Stage 2 works will commence in March 2019 and will not interfere with the playground area.

The new pathways will link the existing "Nissen Hut" interpretive center reflecting the unique living conditions for new Migrant families to Western Australia  who resided in 30 Nissen huts that were erected on the site to house men and their families contracted to the Metropolitan Water Supply Department  with the new carparking and feature playground and BBQ area. Pathway connection to Gemsarna Cr will also enable improved, accessible and comfortable access into the park area.

 The playground will be fully useable however we have no electricity as yet so shelter lighting BBQ will be inoperable.


  • Bob Blackburn Reserve

    As part of the City's 2019/20 budget, upcoming upgrade works will be commencing at Bob Blackburn Park that will inclu