Armadale City Council has four standing (permanent) committees reporting directly to it. Each of the committee is given responsibility over certain aspects of the City's operations, as outlined below.

City Strategy Committee

The City Strategy Committee considers corporate matters, reviews the City's strategic and financial position and matters that cross the boundaries of other committees.

Development Services Committee

The Development Services Committee considers development proposals, subdivisions, land-use matters, swimming pools, building applications, building safety, immunisation, food handling and disease control.

Technical Services Committee

The Technical Services Committee is responsible for roads, footpaths, parks, reserves, the construction and maintenance of Council buildings and the collection and disposal of waste, including recycling.

Community Services Committee

The Community Services Committee is responsible for community planning, community development and recreation matters. The Committee also deals with library, heritage & cultural and ranger & emergency services.

Each committee comprises seven Councillors. One Councillor is elected as the chairperson for a two-year term. Click here to see the Standing Committees of Council.

To ensure that all issues are thoroughly examined, each issue is discussed by one of the four committees before being considered by a full meeting of Council.

Attending a Council or Committee Meeting

Council and Committee Meetings are held on a monthly basis.

View the meeting dates and time for the year:

Meetings are held on the first floor of the City's Administration Centre, 7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale. The City's car park can be accessed via Jull Street.

Ordinary Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers at 7.00pm, unless otherwise specified.

Committee meetings are held in the Committee Room at 7.00pm, unless otherwise specified.

All meetings, unless otherwise specifically resolved, are open to the public.

Any variation to the schedule will be advised by local public notice.

Asking a question

The public may ask questions at the beginning of each meeting. Fifteen minutes is usually allowed for questions. All questions:

  • should be addressed to the chairperson
  • should be relevant to the businesses of local government
  • must be put clearly

Question time is not to be used as a forum for public statements or to make submissions to Council.

Public Question Time Procedures

If a resident has a detailed question they may submit it a day or so before the meeting so that if possible, an answer may be prepared.

Petitions to Council

Petitions inform the Council, in a public way, of the views of a section of the community and serve as one means of placing community concerns before Council.

Electors of the City of Armadale, from different properties, may petition the Council to take some form of action over a particular issue. For example, petitions may ask the Council to change an existing policy, local law or recent decision, or for the Council to take action for a certain purpose or for the benefit of particular persons. The subject of a petition however must be a matter on which the Council has the power to act. For instance a petition cannot request the Council to improve hospital services, as this is a State Government responsibility.

Care must be taken in the wording of petitions as the City requires certain information and content to be included to be a valid petition. Please view the Petition Form.

Declarations of interest

Councillors are required by the Local Government Act to declare the nature of any financial or non-financial interest they have in relation to any item being discussed by Council or a committee. After declaring a financial interest, the Councillor in question is required to leave the meeting during the discussion of that item.

Confidential items

Any decisions made in a closed meeting are always made public.

  • Agendas and Minutes
    Agendas and Minutes

    The agendas for all Council and Committee Meetings are available prior to the meeting.

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    Petitions to Council

    Requirements for petitions, petition signature requirements, petition presentation and Petitions at Council Meetings.