Residents urged to ready for bushfire season

Residents urged to ready for bushfire season

Residents urged to ready for bushfire season
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

With summer upon us, City of Armadale residents are reminded to prepare, act and survive during bushfire season, ensuring they have a bushfire plan in place, and decided whether to stay or leave during a bushfire scenario.

Mayor Henry Zelones OAM JP said it is important for all families to have a bushfire survival plan, which outlines what they plan to do if a bushfire occurs, and to practice the scenario regularly with family.

“It is really important to consider the bushfire risk to your family and home, and be sure you are prepared,” Mayor Zelones said.

When you are writing a bushfire survival plan, you should decide as a family whether you will relocate to a safe house nearby, such as staying with family and friends, or if you will stay and defend your home.

“As there is often little time to think during a stressful bushfire situation, it is also advisable to allocate tasks to family members ahead of the time, so all the necessary action is taken to keep your family and property safe,” Mayor Zelones said.

For those living alone, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services suggest preparing a plan with neighbours or friends could be helpful.

“Residents should also note that while Water Corporation is prepared for bushfire season, they cannot guarantee the water pressure or water supply, so for those opting to stay and defend their home, it is necessary to have an independent water supply and adequate pumping capability,” Mayor Zelones said.

While the City of Armadale will update their Facebook profile and website during a bushfire incident, the best source of current information is always the Emergency WA website, accessed via your smart phone.

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