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Friday, 27 September 2019

The City of Armadale is urging residents, ahead of the warmer months, to ensure their rainwater tanks are sealed from mosquito entry to avoid the Ross River and Barmah Forest virus disease carrying mosquitos from breeding in the area.

The mosquito breeding season starts as early as spring and the City recommends that residents check now for signs of mosquito breeding, including looking for ‘wrigglers’ in water tanks.

Removal of stagnant water is the most efficient method of preventing mosquito breeding due to mosquitos requiring an aquatic environment to develop fully into a flying adult.

Mayor Henry Zelones OAM, JP said keeping mosquito numbers down in the City will benefit everyone, as well as ensure residents get the most out of their rainwater tanks.

“Rainwater tanks are a great way to conserve precious water, but also are very attractive to mosquitoes who can enjoy uninterrupted breeding cycles away from plain sight,” Mayor Zelones said

“It just takes a quick check of all the ways a mosquito could get in, then ensuring these gaps are sealed or screened”.

The City suggests regular three month checks of rainwater tanks and sixth month cleaning of gutters to eliminate potential breeding sites and prevent mosquitos breeding.

Tank owners are encouraged to look for gaps which usually occur at inlets and overflow areas, around inspection and access points, between the roof and main body of the tank and in the tank itself due to corrosion or damage.

Residents should also check other ‘mozzie’ backyard favourites such as pot plant saucers, water features, gutters and bird baths.

If mosquitos are found, the Department of Health says there is no ideal treatment for the larvae apart from tipping them out and removing the water source, and advises it is best to stop mosquitos from breeding in the first place.

Residents can find additional information about mosquitos and other pests in the ‘Public Health’ section of the City’s website armadale.wa.gov.au or call 9394 5000.

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