Protect your family and pets against mosquito-borne diseases

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Protect your family and pets against mosquito-borne diseases

Protect your family and pets against mosquito-borne diseases
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Friday, 7 September 2018

A free Mozzie Wise session hosted by the City of Armadale on Thursday 23 August was well attended and included Chris Tallentire MLA, Member for Thornlie along with residents and local businesses eager to hear some useful prevention tips.

The session provided information on how to protect against mosquito-borne diseases, of which there is currently no known cure or vaccine for in Australia.

With spring marking the start of mosquito breeding season, City of Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones OAM, JP said it was important to foster an awareness of the dangers of mosquito bites and the simple preventative safety measures that could be taken.

“The City needs the help of individuals working together to keep our community healthy and safe as small actions around the home can make all the difference.

“The only way to prevent infection is to avoid being bitten and there are actions you can take which include covering up in long loose-fitting light coloured clothing, using insect repellent and stopping mosquitoes from breeding around your home,” he said.

Mosquitoes can breed in many types of natural and man-made water bodies such as roof gutters, pools, ponds, rubbish, water tanks, pot plant drip trays, old tyres as well as in containers including buckets and watering cans.

During summer, it can take as little as seven days for an egg to hatch into a flying adult mosquito which could potentially pass on diseases including Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, Kunjin virus and Murray Valley encephalitis virus – some of which can be fatal.

“It’s important to be informed of the dangers as even the family pet is at risk of contracting dog heartworm from a parasitic worm passed on by mosquitoes.”

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