Dredging at Minnawarra Park lake

Dredging at Minnawarra Park lake

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

In a proactive approach to environmental management, the City of Armadale will dredge the Minnawarra Park lake just after Australia Day.

Chief Executive Officer Ray Tame said it is a complicated process, and it has taken some investigation to ensure we get it right, but ultimately, it will see mud and sludge pumped out of the lake which will return water levels to normal.

“The lake at Minnawarra Park serves as a picturesque centrepiece for the City of Armadale, and it is important that we maintain the environmental value of the Park,” Mr Tame said.

During the dredging, parts of the Park will be fenced off, to protect residents and visitors, and to ensure the dredging can take place efficiently.

“Residents and businesses local to the park should be aware that there may be some smell when the dredging is taking place, and we hope this will subside quickly once the process is completed,” Mr Tame said.

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