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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

The City welcomes yesterday’s State Government announcement that MetConnx will design and construct the rail viaduct in Armadale, including the train station and surrounding rail corridor, as part of METRONET'S $645million Byford Rail Extension project.

The announcement also confirmed the planned 18-month shutdown of the Armadale Line to facilitate the transformation will now commence in late 2023.

City of Armadale Mayor Ruth Butterfield said that the new Armadale Train Station and rail corridor would play a significant role in the urban renewal of the city centre.

“I am pleased to see this project gathering momentum. We are very much looking forward to working with all project stakeholders and our community to ensure delivery of a transformational project that recognises the City’s standing as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre. The City recognises the barrier that the rail line has been to the growth of the City. After years of advocacy, we welcome the project which will secure the City’s future as a critical transport link connecting Armadale to the south-east corridor while cementing our role as a gateway to the state's south.

“We will be further advocating for delivery of a station precinct which will provide a valuable public space for the whole Armadale community. The project creates almost 7 hectares of public open space in our city centre and will open up opportunities to better connect the east and west. The project will play a pivotal role in revitalising the Armadale city centre, so it’s important that residents and businesses provide their input. I strongly encourage our local community to participate in METRONET’s community engagement programs. It’s crucial that community input is provided to METRONET, so please make sure you have your say on how you want the precinct to work for you,” said Mayor Butterfield.

The City’s project team has been working with MetConnx to advocate for a design that reflects our City’s strategic objectives and is functional for the public transport users.

The new design will have the opportunity to better facilitate rail development and have an increased civic focus to the west, while making the surrounding rail corridor a pedestrian friendly, accessible, and valuable community space. The precinct will function as a centre for thousands accessing the railway station daily.


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