The City of Armadale is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community and staff. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, attendance at the City's Animal Management Facility is now by appointment only.

If you have lost your pet and their picture is not below, please call the City on 9394 5000.

How we handle lost pets

Once a cat or dog comes into the rangers possession they are checked for a microchip. We will always try and unite pet and owner.

If we are unable to get hold of an owner or the dog is unable to be secured it may be impounded. Impounding is always a last resort.

Reclaiming your pet

If you pet is in the pound please call the City on 9394 5000 for costs of getting your pet out.

The following is required by law for the animals to be released:

  • Registration
  • Microchipping
  • Sterilisation (cats only).

Impound fees

  • Seizure or impounding of a dog or cat: $100
  • Maintenance and sustenance of dog/cat per day: $20 (for example, if your dog is impounded for four days the fee is $180)
  • Microchipping fee: $65 (via a voucher receipt for a local vet)

Fees must be paid in full on collection of pet. We cannot offer discounts or part payments.

Pound location and opening hours


Capstick Lane, Kelmscott (formerly known as 21 Kilburn Lane)

Opening hours

By appointment only.


The City does not rehome direct from the pound. All unclaimed animals fit for adoption are given to animal rescue and rehoming organisations.

If you want to rescue/re-home an animal please contact an organisation in your area to discuss adoption.

Currently impounded animals

Image of impounded animal: 206


Male cat
Breed: Dsh
28 May 2020
Location found: Foothills Vet
Color: Grey
Short-haired, No collar, No ID, No microchip, Unsterilised

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