Livestock and Other Animals

Livestock and Other Animals


Owners of livestock wandering onto public land, roadways or other private property may be liable for any damages or injuries caused.

If Rangers impound your livestock you will be liable for poundage fees and also infringements, if applicable.

It is vital that together we make our roads as safe as possible for all motorists. Landowners are responsible for keeping stock securely confined.

Landowners/occupiers responsibility

It is the responsibility of all landowners to ensure that when placing stock into paddocks adjacent to highways or roads that fencing is of an adequate standard to keep stock enclosed. Owners and occupiers of grazing properties are liable for any damages or injuries that may occur as a result of stock wandering outside the property boundary.

Fines and penalties

Failure to securely confine stock could result in animals being impounded. Impoundment costs and/or an additionally possible modified penalty may also be incurred.

The City of Armadale may also issue a fencing notice on the property owner, which requires them to bring their fencing up to a required standard to ensure stock are securely contained.

For additional details, please call the City of Armadale on (08) 9394 5000.


Rangers do not deal with snakes, but can provide you with contact details of a private wildlife relocator.

Please do not try to capture or kill the snake yourself. This is when many snake bites occur.


Report dead kangaroos on the roadway to Customer Service Department and arrangements will be made for removal by the City’s Waste Services department.

Injured kangaroos need to be reported to Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Bees on Council verges, Parks or Property

Do not agitate or disturb the bees or swarm.

To report a bee hive please contact Parks Services via switchboard (08) 9394 5000.

Bees on Your Private Property

Please contact a bee keeper for safe removal.

If you want to keep bee hives on your property you must apply for a permit.

Native Wildlife

For injured or distressed wildlife such as bandicoots, birds, wombats etc please call WildCare on (08) 9474 9055 or visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife website.