KidSport is a partnership between the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Local Governments that enables Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances. Since September 2011 this initiative has allowed eligible youth aged 5 to 18 years to apply for financial assistance to contribute towards club fees, enabling children the opportunity they may not have had otherwise. The fees go directly to the registered KidSport club ensuring sustainability for clubs.

While the primary objective of KidSport is to ensure all Western Australian children can participate in sport and recreation clubs, its secondary objective is to engage these children and their families in the community.

Club Information and Eligibility

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the City of Armadale understand the important role clubs and sport play in creating a positive and active community and feel that all children should have the opportunity to be involved.

To enable your members to access the KidSport funding your club needs to register with the Clubs Online program.

To be eligible to receive funding as a club, the following criteria needs to be met:

Community sport club or incorporated organisation

*Sport is defined as “a human activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition where rules and patterns of behaviour governing the activity exist formally though organisations and is generally recognised as a sport” Definition of sport and active recreation.

School or Parents and Citiziens (P&C) Association

  1. Must be a Western Australian registered school or a P&C associated to a registered Western Australian school
  2. Team must be entered into a community sporting program affiliated with the State Sporting Association
  3. Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  4. The activity provided by the organisation must meet the Sport and Recreation (WA) definition of sport*
  5. Charge a membership fee for a minimum 8 weeks of a sport activity
  6. Adhere to their obligations under the Working with Children (Criminal Record) Checking Act 2004.

Please contact the KidSport Officer at the City if you have further queries regarding the program. 

KidSport Officer contact details:
Email: or contact 9394 5000.

Parent and Applicant Information and Eligibility

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the City of Armadale are working together with our local community clubs to support and play a role in creating positive and active communities and feel that all children should have the opportunity to be involved, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

To be eligible for KidSport funding the below criteria has to be meet:

  • Applicant must be aged five to 18 years.

  • Applicant must have a Healthcare Card or Pension Concession Card, or apply directly to the Department of Sports and Recreation should they be applying through a Financial Assessor. 

  • Applicant primary place of residence must be in the City of Armadale, which must be reflected on the Healthcare or Concession Card provided with the application. 

    If you fit the above criteria you can apply online now - please remember to have your Concession Card available as an electronic file as you will need to attach this to the online application.

    Note: Local Governments are required to sight a copy of concession cards with the child’s CRN listed.  Please avoid using Digital Wallet uploads as they do not include your child’s individual CR

Application Process

If approved,

  • You will be sent an email with a voucher code. 
  • You will need to provide the voucher code to your chosen KidSport club when registering with them.

*Note - If the club fees are above the approved KidSport voucher amount you will need to pay the difference. 

  • The club will validate your voucher code and invoice your local government or Sport and Recreation (WA) for payment. 
  • Remember, the voucher code will expire within 90 days of the approval date. 

If unsuccessful,

  • You will be sent an email advising that you are unsuccessful. 
  • If you have any questions, contact your local government or Sport and Recreation (WA).

Once the application has been processed and approved an automatically generated email will be sent to you with an alphanumeric code. This needs to be submitted to the club to enable them to invoice the City.  Remember, the voucher code will expire within 90 days of the approval date. 

What else applications should be aware of when applying for KidSport funding:

  • Funding will cover the cost of fees to join the nominated sport or recreation club if the club has registered with the KidSport program.
  • Maximum of up to $150 per child, per calendar year (January to December).
  • Fees are only for the nominated registered season.
  • No retrospective fees will be paid.
  • No limitation to number of applications per family, as long as criteria is met, but $150 is the maximum funding per child annually.
  • The funding covers registration fees and/or term fees only, uniforms are not covered under the City of Armadale's funding initiative.

Financial Assessors

If you require KidSport funding and do not have a Healthcare Card a recognised Financial Assessor can assist with the application.

Financial Assessors can identify and assist those who would benefit from KidSport funding to ensure all children have the opportunity to be involved in a team or solo sport. There are four KidSport exceptions where families can contact a Financial Assessor for exemption from requiring a concession card:

  1. Sudden loss of employment and subsequent income from the main income earner of the family. This does not include voluntary unemployment or circumstances where a redundancy payment has been received.
  2. Death or serious illness of a parent/guardian causing significant impact on the household income which places the family in a position of financial hardship.
  3. Fire, flood or other natural disaster causing significant impact on the household’s financial situation.
  4. Situations when the child has been placed into care (of the State, foster or extended family) and the relevant concession cards are unavailable.

Contact the City of Armadale to find out current recognised Financial Assessors if a Concession Card or Healthcare Card is not an option.

If you are wanting to become a Financial Assessor and meet the above criteria please contact the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to start assisting children in the community to take part in the KidSport initiative.

Registered KidSport clubs in Armadale

With over 100 clubs registered with the City of Armadale, there are a diverse range of activities for your child to participate in. These include team and solo sports. Click here to find a list of clubs and their contact details to start the process of registering your child in a sport of their interest.