Jim Diers - A World of Possibilities

Jim Diers - A World of Possibilities

Presenter: Jim Diers

Audience: Armadale Community Connect – Community Groups and Businesses


  • A World of Possibilities for our community - Community and Business
  • A World of Possibilities - Asset Based Community Development Local Government & Professionals Workshop


  • Ways to mobilise community
  • Government, business and community working together
  • Community as the key to public safety
  • Community-led revitalisation of neighbourhoods

Date: Tuesday 7 August 2018

Jim Diers, a renowned Asset Based Community Development specialist hosted two workshops attended by over 100 people representing suburbs from across the City of Armadale. Community members and business, local government professionals and community development practitioners came together at two tailored workshops to explore the power of neighbourhoods and the people who make a community.

Jim’s enthusiasm and experience empowered the audience to take control of their own neighbourhoods’ fortunes by creating action, activating underutilised spaces and generating activity at a street, block and neighbourhood level. Jim encouraged people to find ways to identify the assets that we all have in our communities; both the physical assets like parks, verges and community facilities as well as the assets of individuals that live, work and play in our communities. Jim’s message was clear – communities need to harness the power of positivity and the resources that they already have at hand, to make their community the place they want it to be.

The City of Armadale is working hard to gather information that will build a platform to help local neighbourhoods more effectively identify their local resources and assets; for community members to work together at a neighbourhood level to create their own change. If you have an idea of a project, activity of initiatives that your neighbourhood would like to take ownership of, please contact the City of Armadale Community Development Team to discuss ways that your neighbourhood can deliver community driven action in your area.

This event was brought to you as part of the Envision Armadale Speakers Series – building capacity and empowering community to take action.