Impounded Vehicles

Impounded Vehicles

Abandoned or Impounded Vehicles

  • Vehicles that are unlawfully parked or abandoned can be impounded by Ranger Services.

  • The City will contact the last known owner by letter to advise of the vehicle’s whereabouts.

  • To reclaim a vehicle, the owner must pay the necessary fees and prove ownership prior to release.

  • Unclaimed vehicles are destroyed, or sold with proceeds going to the City:

    • 14 days after impoundment for cars worth less than $500.

    • 60 days after impoundment for cars worth more than $500.

  • If you want to report a possible abandoned vehicle, please contact Ranger Services with vehicle identifiers and location. Rangers will attend and place a sticker on the vehicle requesting it is removed by the owner within 24 hours. If it is not removed, it may be towed to the impound facility at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Fees to recover vehicle

  • Impoundment fee $100.

  • Storage fee (per day after 5 working days) $20.