Deciding what to plant in your garden or on your verge can be fun – and very rewarding once you see it all in place and growing. A little research and sound planning go a long way toward creating your successful garden.

What's Best to Plant

Think about what is important to you in a garden:

  • What will your budget allow for? From installation to ongoing upkeep.
  • What level of maintenance are you willing to keep up?
  • Are you planning a “Waterwise” garden?
  • How will you keep your garden watered, reticulation system or by hand?
  • Will you need to install and hardscapes such as edging or pathways?
  • Do you want to attract birds into your garden?

Please note that if you are intending to apply landscaping to the verge area adjoining your property you must submit a plan for approval to the City 

Where to get help

You can get lots of help and advice from staff at local garden shops, hardware stores and nurseries, shop local as the staff are likely to understand your local conditions. Books and Websites and even Social Media groups can also be a great source of information. Ensure that you are referencing locally based sites as the same plant can behave quite differently in a different climate.

When considering what plants to purchase aim to work with the conditions you have. The further removed from it’s natural conditions a plant is, the harder it is to maintain. For example it’s not impossible to create a tropical style haven in Armadale but it will require a great deal of ongoing maintenance and water to keep it looking good and healthy.

The following information will assist you in choosing the right plant for the right place:

  • What type of soil do you have – is it sandy and light or clay and rocky?
  • Which way does the garden bed or verge face and how much shade or direct sun does it get?
  • Do you get frosts in winter or extreme heat in summer that might damage more delicate plants?
  • How big is the area you are trying to cover? Having a drawn plan with measurements will assist you in purchasing the correct quantities of soil improvers and plants.

Plants suited to our climate need less water, are low maintenance and will look great in your garden.

Use the Water Corporation Directory to find waterwise plants that will grow best where you live.

How the City of Armadale can help

Plant Selection Tips

To get you started the following pages contain lists of trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers that are most likely to grow well in the Armadale area. Look at other varieties in the same plant families – there may be other option with different flower or foliage colours.

These lists are predominantly native but there are many non-native plants that will also do well in the City. Consult your local garden experts, take note of plants in other peoples gardens and verge areas that are doing well (take photos to help in identifying them). These plants are likely to do well in your garden also.

  • Finding plants that naturally grow locally is one way to get better results. Many of our local plants are very hardy and are used to getting little water during our hot dry summer.
  • Think about planting at least one tree to provide summer shade. This may help reduce watering costs in the future.
  • Most importantly, check how big they are likely to grow and make sure your area is suitable.
  • Cost Cutting – Many Native plants are available as tube stock from your local nursery. Buying tube stock costs much less than buying a more established plants, but they do require more patience for visible results. Perhaps a combination of a few larger features surrounded by tube stock would be an option.
  • Selecting waterwise plants view the Water Corporations website 

Enjoy your verge garden

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.

To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

— Alfred Austin

Page Last Reviewed 13 April 2021