How to Apply?

How to Apply?


Before applying for a position with the City of Armadale we must assess eligibility to be appointed to a permanent or temporary position. Please examine the table below to assess your eligibility to apply.

Residency Status Permanent Positions Temporary Positions Information for Applicant
Australian Citizens Yes Yes  
Australian Permanent Residents Yes Yes You must provide evidence of permanent residency with your application.
New Zealand Citizens with Unrestricted Work Rights Yes Yes You must provide evidence of citizenship or permanent residency with your application.
Temporary Residents with a valid working visa No Yes You must provide evidence of residency status and work entitlements (copy of visa and passports etc.)
Temporary Residents without a valid working visa No No Not eligible to apply.


Application Requirements

Your application is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, abilities and experience for the advertised position.

If you decide that your skills and experiences are suitable, you will need to apply online.

To ensure your suitability for the position, it is essential that you complete all of the necessary fields and relevant information in the online application. The City accepts applications for advertised positions only and we are unable to accept past applications or transfer previous applications to current vacancies.

Applications for the vacant position should consist of the following:


A brief summary of your relevant personal particulars, education (and qualifications) as well as your employment history should be attached to your application. Information provided should preferably relate to the position.

Referees and References

At least two referees should be provided on your application.  Referees should be people you know on a professional basis and preferably, a recent or current supervisor/manager. You should advise your referees that you have nominated them as the City may wish to contact them at a later date.  We will not contact referees until after interviews and at that stage, you will be asked to provide further permission for us to go ahead and make contact with the referees you nominate.  The referees you nominate should be able to comment on your recent work experience, skills and abilities.

Other documents

It is recommended that copies of relevant supporting documents be included with your application, however the City may ask to sight the originals at a later time.

Late applications

In fairness to all applicants, late applications cannot be received but the City will accept late applications when consent to such a request has been given by the Human Resources Manager.  However, such permission must be sought before the closing deadline for applications.

Addressing the selection criteria

The best way to address the selection criteria is by including a separate claim for the position in addition to your online application form, cover letter and resume.  You should do this by listing each criterion and then clearly explaining under each one how you meet it. For each criterion, describe your skills, knowledge and experience and show how they could be used in the job you are applying for.

The selection criteria describes the skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience required to do the job. Written answers to selection criteria are used to select the best applicants on merit. The essential and desirable selection criteria are listed in this Information Package, on the page directly following the Position Description.

To address each criterion, provide an example to demonstrate how you have previously applied (or would apply) the selection criteria.

You may wish to use the STAR method to assist in addressing each of the selection criteria appropriately.

Situation, Task, Action, Result

  • Situation
    Where and when did you carry out the task or solve the problem or handle the issue in the workplace?

  • Task
    What was the specific task, problem or issue the nominee was faced with? Who was involved? What was the nature and complexity of the task? What were the consequences of the task or issue was not handled effectively?

  • Action
    What positive action did the nominee take that displayed one or more of the core values?  This is the section in which you need to be particularly concise, ensuring you describe all the actions the nominee took that led to the success in a particular situation.

  • Result
    What was the result or achievement reached from the situation described?

Remember that you may be competing with many other applicants for this position. It is up to you to demonstrate to the panel that you understand the requirements of the position and that you have the necessary knowledge, experience and qualifications to successfully carry out the duties of the position. Please note that it is impossible to interview all applicants and therefore only those who best meet the criteria will be short listed for interview.

Selection Process

If you apply online, your application will be acknowledged immediately via an autoreply email, all other applications will be acknowledged as soon as possible by the HR Department.

All applications received by the nominated closing date and time will be assessed against the selection criteria by the appointed selection panel. If your application is nominated on the shortlist you will be contacted by telephone to make arrangements for an interview. If you are not contacted for an interview, you will receive correspondence confirming your application has not been successful.


The interview panel usually consists of three individuals.  Whilst the City of Armadale encourages diversity on selection panels, this does not necessarily mean that both genders will be represented on a panel.

All interview questions will be job related, that is - they relate to the selection criteria and competencies for the position you are applying for.  If there are no selection criteria for the position you are applying for, the questions will be based on the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications required for the position.  The same questions will be asked of every candidate interviewed.

To prepare yourself for the interview you should:

  • Re-read your application, the position description and the selection criteria (if applicable).

  • Focus on the selection criteria and think of examples of work situations where you applied the relevant skills and abilities, how you assessed the situation/s, what action you took and what outcomes you achieved.

  • Think about the duties of the position and how you would carry them out.Consider any problems you might encounter and how you would resolve them.

What happens after the Interview?

After the interview the selection panel will assess the interviewed candidates performance during the interview stage and review all relevant information gathered including the original application. Referees may be contacted at this stage and the candidate will be notified of this. Shortlisted candidates may be contacted by Human Resources and asked to attend a pre-employment medical assessment, and provide any other information that is deemed necessary for the position.