City management of graffiti

The City manages graffiti through a multi-strategy approach:

  • Proactively report graffiti
  • Ensuring rapid removal of graffiti from City of Armadale facilities
  • Providing information and support for graffiti prevention and removal
  • Encouraging graffiti deterrents to residents
  • Promoting community awareness, ownership and responsibility
  • Working directly with Police to ensure a coordinated approach to identifying and catching graffiti vandals.

Graffiti removal and reporting

Graffiti removal from City owned property and assets

The City removes graffiti from its own property and assets, including:

  • City owned property
  • Boundary fences or walls facing onto ovals
  • Parks, park furniture and playground equipment
  • Public open space
  • Public access ways
  • City signage
  • Rubbish bins
  • Lighting columns
  • Bus shelters and bus stops.

To report graffiti on City-owned property or assets call 9394 5000.

Graffiti removal from private property

Graffiti removal from private residential and/or private commercial property is the responsibility of the property owner and/or manager.

A volunteer community group called the Civic Pride Action Group remove graffiti free of charge from private properties and small locally owned businesses within the City if Armadale. To request their services contact 9394 5000.

The State Graffiti Taskforce also provides information on graffiti removal (including a list of service providers).

Graffiti removal on other properties

 For graffiti on any other building or infrastructure call 1800 44 22 55 or report a graffiti incident through the WA Police State Graffiti Taskforce.

Graffiti prevention and deterrents

Here are some ways in which you can deter graffiti:

  • Use anti-graffiti coatings
  • Consider different styles of fencing
  • Install shrubs and creepers rather than fences.

Visit the State Graffiti Taskforce website for more information on preventing graffiti

Page Last Reviewed 11 September 2019