Unwanted, reusable things such as clothes and toys in good condition can be GIFTED to charity, swapped or sold.

Drop 'n' Shop Reuse Centre

Take usable items to the Drop ‘n’ Shop at no charge and help conserve the environment. For more information visit the Drop 'n' Shop Reuse Centre Page

Find your local charity

If an item is good enough to give to a friend, it is good enough to donate.

You can find your local charity store or donation bin by seaching www.giv.org.au

Make sure your donation counts, don't be an accidental dumper. If the donation bin is full, you can go into a store, call for home collection or try another bin. Items left on the ground cannot be resold and become litter and end up in landfill.

Swapping and selling

You could make some money on your unwanted items by advertising them on your local buy and sell pages on Facebook or using Ebay or Gumtree.

Lots of people are sharing items through online communitys such as Pay it Forward and Buy Nothing Facebook groups. These platforms are used to share items within your local community.

Page Last Reviewed 24 November 2020