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Forrestdale Hub

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Master Plan snapshot

This Master Plan was prompted by a report to Council in April 2013 outlining a number of community issues in Forrestdale affecting the wellbeing of its residents.  The revitalisation of the community hub at Forrestdale was a key outcome for linking the planning work to the identified issues in the community.  The total size of the site is approximately 9.9 hectares and contains the following components:

  • Alfred Skeet soccer fields (2)
  • William Skeet oval
  • Alfred Skeet pavilion
  • Forrestdale Sporting Association building
  • Ian Pratt pavilion
  • Playground
  • Cricket nets
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Forrestdale Hall and community space including Forrestdale Community Kindergarten
  • Car park.

October 2017

One of the twelve (12) major projects resulting from the Community Hubs Master Planning Initiative is the Forrestdale Hub Feasibility Study.  This is a complex project that exists within the context of the Armadale Road widening; a major road upgrade that will have significant implications for the Forrestdale site and facilities.  City officers have commenced a detailed analysis of the site, current and future needs and potential facility configuration and it is anticipated that the outcome of this process will be a significantly enhanced suite of facilities for the local and broader community. 

The first round of stakeholder engagement took place in August, with the Forrestdale Sporting Association, Armadale Soccer Club, Forrestdale Community Kindergarten, Directions Disability Support  Services and hirers of Forrestdale Hall.  These groups provided detailed and valuable feedback on current and future usage of facilities that will inform potential concepts; City officers in Community and Technical Services departments are currently analysing future facility, carpark and access options and will return to the stakeholders in the coming months for further feedback.