Firebreaks and Burning Permits

Firebreaks and Burning Permits


  • Firebreak
    means a strip of land that has been cleared of all trees, bushes, grasses, and any other object or thing or flammable material, leaving clear bare mineral earth. This includes trimming back of all overhanging trees, bushes, shrubs, and any other object or thing over the firebreak area

  • Flammable
    means any bush, plant, tree, grass, mineral, vegetable, substance, object, thing, or material that may, or is likely to, catch fire and burn

  • Trafficable
    means to be able to travel from one point to another in a 4x4 fire vehicle on a firm and stable surface, unhindered without any obstruction or getting bogged or trapped

  • Vertical Axis
    means a continuous vertical uninterrupted line at a right angle to the horizontal line of the firebreak.

All Areas of Land Less than 5000m2

Clear the entire land of all flammable material by mowing, slashing, or other means. All grasses are to be maintained below five (5) centimetres in height and all trees, bushes, and shrubs are to be trimmed back over driveways and access ways to all buildings to three (3) metres wide with a clear vertical axis over it to four (4) metres high to afford access for emergency services to all structures and points of the property.

All Areas of Land Over 5000m2

Install bare mineral earth trafficable firebreaks clear of all flammable material to a minimum of three (3) metres wide immediately inside all external boundaries of the land. All overhanging branches, trees, limbs, etc to be trimmed back to a four (4) metre high clear vertical axis over the firebreak area. Install bare mineral earth trafficable firebreaks to a minimum of three (3) metres wide immediately surrounding all buildings, sheds and haystacks or groups of buildings situated on the land, with all overhanging branches, trees, limbs etc to be trimmed back to three (3) metres high with a clear  vertical axis over the firebreak area. This includes driveways and access to all buildings on the land. If the requirements of this notice are carried out by burning, such burning must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Bush Fires Act 1954.

Mowed firebreaks are not permitted.

Hazard Reduction

In addition to the provisions of this notice you may be required to carry out further works which are considered necessary by Council or an Authorised Officer of the City and specified by way of a separate written notice forwarded to the address as shown on the City of Armadale rates record for the relevant land.

Application to vary firebreak requirements

If it is considered impracticable for any reason whatsoever to clear firebreaks or establish other arrangements as required by this notice, you may apply in writing to the City of Armadale or its duly Authorised Officers, no later than 1 November 2018 for permission to provide firebreaks in alternative positions on the land. If permission is not granted by the City or its duly Authorised Officers you must comply with the requirements of this notice.

In some instances naturally occurring features such as rocky outcrops, natural watercourses or landscaping such as reticulated gardens, lawns or driveways may be an acceptable substitute for cleared firebreaks.

All firebreaks and other alternative arrangements allowed by the preceding parts of this notice must be established on or before 30 November 2018 (or within 14 days of you becoming the owner or occupier should this occur after that date) and remain clear of flammable material up to and including 14 March 2019.

All approved firebreak variations must be installed as close to the property boundary as practicable.

Note: no firebreak exemptions will be given. Please apply for a firebreak variation if an alternative location for firebreak installation is required.

Does your property have a Fire Management Plan?

All properties with a Fire Management Plan approved as part of a subdivision consent shall comply with the plan in its entirety.

Penalty: $5000.

Fuel storage

On all land where fuel drum ramps are located and where fuel dumps, whether contained fuel or not, are stored, clear maintained firebreaks three (3) metres wide with a clear vertical axis over it of four (4) metres in height, around any drum, ramp or stack of drums.

No burning on Sundays or Public Holidays

An owner or occupier of land shall not set fire to, or cause or allow to be set on fire, any bush, rubbish or refuse whatsoever on a Sunday or a day that is a Public Holiday except when specifically authorised to do so for the purpose of fuel reduction by a Bush Fire Control Officer (BFCO) appointed by Council under the provisions of the Bush Fires Act 1954.


The penalty for failing to comply with this notice is a fine not exceeding $5000 and a person in default is also liable whether prosecuted or not to pay the costs of performing the work directed by this notice if it is not carried out by the owner and/or occupier by the date required by this notice.

Residents are encouraged to remove and dispose of potential flammable material from their properties before the onset of summer. If you must resort to a Hazard Reduction Burn, a permit is required.

When: a Permit to Burn is required for burning of any trees, bush, grass or garden refuse between:

  • 1 October 2018 to 30 November 2018
  • 1 April 2019 to 31 May 2019

Where from:

Permits to Burn will not be issued for properties under 1200 square metres.