Websites & Selling Online - E-commerce 101 (Beginner)

When you start a business, whether it is selling goods or services, the experts would emphasize the importance of having a website. A website would give your business credentials and we will go through the benefits of websites.

Costs for owning and hosting a website has come down significantly so it is no longer only available for the big corporate. In fact, it is more important for SMEs to have a digital presence. However, the why, what and how of selling online and launching a website should derive from an overarching marketing strategy.

Attend the workshop to be familiar with terminologies so you are not overwhelmed by E-commerce and the digital world. You would come away with a checklist to consider before launching a website. We will also present a practical step-by-step guide to market your new online store.

About the Presenter:

Over 20 years in online retail and marketing, direct to consumer and B2B, working with startups to multinational companies has given me a wealth of hands on, real world experience and an ability to understand how to evaluate and translate a business or marketing plan into reality on the web.

As with all websites I know how essential it is to market your goods and services online to ensure the right users find your site, understand your message and in the case of e-commerce, make a transaction. Online marketing and websites are inseparable and therefore 20 year in the industry also translates to a full and in-depth understanding of this are of the business.

I am a director of Spring Web Solutions based in Perth WA. The agency specialises in E-commerce digital solutions and websites, Corporate/ Business Communication Websites and Investor Focussed ASX compliant Websites for the Mining and Resources Sector as well as building custom online software solutions for all areas of our business.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 - 9.30am to 11.30am
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Phone (08) 9394 5000