Erade Park Improvements

Erade Park Improvements



As part of the City’s commitment to improving its parks and reserves, the City will be undertaking drainage and landscaping works to Erade Park in 2019.

Proposed works include:

  1. Planting of flood storage basin to create a wetland environment 
  2. Replacement of turf and installation of multi-use sports goals
  3. Reconfiguration of pathways

Erade Park forms a critical part of the local Newhaven  urban stormwater management system, collecting Winter stormwater and allowing localised infiltration  back into the underground groundwater aquifers.

Over the years the initial choice to grass the basin has proven less than successful, resulting in slowed infiltration and poor grass condition during the months the park is full of water.

The proposal to remove the grass in the lowest parts of the basin  and install local wetland plant species will improve stormwater management, improve water quality, reduce/remove nuisance odour and mosquito issues and restore the year round the visual appeal of the park

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