Dust, Odours and Smoke Nuisances

Dust, Odours and Smoke Nuisances

The City’s Health Services Team can assist with enquiries regarding dust or sand drift, wood smoke, odours and fumes.

Dust and Sand Drift

Dust and sand drift is a common issue during warmers months and with stronger winds. The increase in development throughout the City has also contributed to dust issues. Developers are required to submit Dust Management Plans to demonstrate how dust will be managed.

Odours and Fumes

Odours and fumes can be caused by various industrial, commercial or residential activities. Under the City’s Local Laws it is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the land or premises to prevent the escape of smoke, fumes, odours and dust. Escape of smoke, fumes, odours or dust from a property must not be of such a quantity or nature as to cause a nuisance to any person.

Wood heaters

Wood heaters are a great source of heating, however it is important to use them correctly in order to keep smoke emissions to a minimum. “A correctly operated wood heater produces more heat and less smoke than a wood heater that is not operated correctly.”

For further information, visit the Department of Environment Regulation’s BurnWise website or see the following BurnWise brochures:

If you have an enquiry regarding dust or sand drift, wood smoke, odours or fumes please contact the City’s Health Services Team.