Dust Management

Dust Management

The City’s Local Laws require any sand and/or dust to be prevented from escaping a property, including when there are any earthworks, clearing or construction on that property. Dust control methods include the use of water carts, erection of temporary wind fencing, or stabilising using hydro-mulch.

Prior to issuing a building license the City’s Health Services require a Dust Management Plan to be submitted for assessment and approval a minimum of three weeks prior to the proposed works.

The Dust Management Plan should be prepared in accordance with the Department Environmental Control Guidelines for managing the impacts of dust and associated contaminants from land development sites, contaminated sites remediation and other related activities.

To submit a Dust Management Plan for approval please complete and return the following forms, along with payment to the City of Armadale:

For fee details please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Applications will not be assess unless all information has been supplied and the application fee paid.

It is an offence under the City’s Local Laws to commence any works without an approved Dust Management Plan. Penalties apply.