Dog Owners

Dog Owners

Dog Registration

All dogs over the age of three (3) months must be registered in accordance with the provisions of  the Dog Act 1976.

Since 1 November 2013 all new dogs, that is pups and other dogs being registered for the first time, or where ownership has changed, are required to be microchipped. A microchipping certificate or a certificate from a vet is required as proof.

As of  30 November 2013, all dangerous dogs are required to be microchipped. On and after 1 November 2013,  the owner of a dog was required to ensure that the dog was microchipped if the dog had reached 3 months of age and the dog was not in current registration at 31 October 2013. On and after 1 November 2015, the owner of a dog that has reached three (3) months of age must ensure that the dog is microchipped. If microchipping is likely to adversely affect the health and welfare of the dog, a veterinarian can provide an Exemption Certificate.

Dog registration fees are $50 per year or $120 for three years for an unsterilised dog; or $20 per year or $42.50 for three years for a sterilised dog (proof of sterilisation must be provided). Individuals on a full pension are entitled to 50 per cent off the above mentioned prices, upon producing an appropriate pension card.

Dogs may be registered by downloading and completing an Animal Registration form, or by attending the City of Armadale administration.

  • City of Armadale Administration Centre, 7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale

Animal Registration forms are also available at the vets listed below: 

  • Ark Veterinary Hospital, 2970 Albany Highway, Kelmscott
  • Champion Lake Veterinary Clinic, 121 Westfield Road, Camillo
  • Foothills Animal Hospital, 23 Thomas Street, Armadale
  • Forrestdale Veterinary Hospital, 5/2 Hensbrook Loop, Forrestdale
  • Greencross Vet Armadale, 3/1265 Armadale Road, Haynes
  • Kudah Veterinary Services, 39 Alex Wood Drive, Forrestdale
  • Railway Veterinary Hospital, 247 Railway Avenue, Kelmscott
  • Roleystone Animal Hospital, 8 Fancote Street, Kelmscott
  • Vet West Animal Hospital, 370 South Western Highway, Armadale
  • West Coast Veterinary Hospital, 10 Freeman Road, Forrestdale

Complimentary Reply Paid Envelopes are provided allowing you to submit your payment details on the application form and post to the City.

» Application for Animal Registration

Dangerous Dogs

The Act provides for three categories of dangerous dogs: dangerous dog (restricted breed), dangerous dog (declared) and commercial security dog.

The following conditions apply to all three categories:

  • Registrations for dangerous dogs will only be renewed annually under the Dog Act 1976 section 15.3A.
  • Requirement for dog to wear a special identifying collar, be muzzled, on a lead and under the control of an adult capable of controlling the dog when in public (except when a commercial security dog is working).
  • The dog must be confined in an enclosure that is constructed to prevent the dog from escaping, from being released or removed by another person without the owner's permission, and to prevent a child less than seven (7) years old from entering or inserting part of their body. Warning signs must be displayed at every entrance.

Restricted Breeds

Restricted Breeds are Pit Bull Terrier breed or American Pitt Bull Terrier, Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian fighting dog), Japanese Tose, Dogo Argentina (Argentinan fighting dog) and Perro depresa Canario.

All restricted breeds must be microchipped, sterilised and cannot be bought, sold or transferred except in the circumstances mentioned in subsection 33GC(4)(a) or (b). Proof of sterilisation and microchipping is required with the application.

More information is available in the restricted breeds regulations.

Where dogs can go

John Dunn Memorial Park, Third Avenue, Kelmscott is a mixed use site. There is a newly constructed fenced off-leash dog exercise area. Dogs are allowed on the roads and paths, provided they are on a leash. Dogs are not permitted on the playing surfaces, the oval perimeter, or in the buildings.

All reserves (Except those listed below) owned by or under the care, control and management of the City of Armadale are dog exercise areas, where dogs may be exercised off leash provided they are kept under control at all times.

The following reserves within the City of Armadale are places where dogs are prohibited absolutely:

  • Gwynne Park, Forrest Road, Armadale.
  • Bob Blackburn, Champion Drive, Armadale.
  • Memorial Park, Orchard Avenue, Armadale.
  • Morgan Park, Doorigo Road, Armadale.
  • Springdale Park, Springdale Road, Karragullen.
  • Any land that has been set apart as a children’s playground.
  • An area being used for sporting or other activities, as permitted by the local government, during the times of such use.
  • Any land or reserve whereby the entry of dogs is prohibited by a sign stating conditions in relation thereto: road reserves, car parks or thoroughfares are not a public place or class of public place which are dog exercise areas.

It is an offence to permit your dog to be on the dog free reserves or places at any time. Offenders can be fined $200.

Cleaning up after your dog

Individuals are required to pick up after their dogs when in a public place. Failure to do so may result in a fine of $40. Dog faeces must be disposed of responsibly, preferably in the bins provided.

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